At the Campbell Firm, we're not your typical do-it-all small firm.  We take pride in doing what we do very well. Our practice focuses exclusively on the four areas listed.



We handle a wide range of serious injury claims. Whether a car wreck, workplace accident, or other incident, we have the resources and skills to get our clients the justice they are entitled to.  Our experience in dealing with defendants and insurance companies pays big dividends to our clients.  


Domestic lawsuits are among the most complex in the legal world. Separations and divorces are not just personal issues, but critical legal issues that can involve complicated questions of property division and child custody. Issues ranging from tax disputes to insurance arise in the family law context. We take our skills at civil litigation and apply them to the family context to achieve the best results for our clients on these complicated matters.


Our experience with commercial litigation dates back to Scott's long history as a litigator throughout Texas. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of claims.  Whether they construction related disputes, title disputes involving property, or business claims, we take pride in our ability to litigate the most complex commercial claims. 


The Campbell Firm excels at helping our nonprofit clients make their nonprofit goals a reality.  A key part of any nonprofit is an effective governing structure.  To that end, we help our clients tailor their nonprofit governance to help maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.  Taking care of these bedrock issues helps our clients' nonprofits achieve their maximum potential.

If your legal problem sounds like it matches one of the categories above,

we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us.

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